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Data Loggers:

  • Development of a MMC flash card interface using DOS compatible real-time file storage for large quantities of analogue data.

  • Complete hardware and software development for the DataLINK on-line motion analysis and data logging system. Includes eight low-level programmable inputs with dual-processor control, medical isolation and data transmission. A Windows application provides calibration, graphical displays and real-time transfer to other Windows applications. Includes installation and full on-line help.

  • Data display and analysis Windows application to interface to Biometrics DataLINK and DataLog products. This included a multi-file multi-windowed display of waveform data over time with full zoom and marking facilities. Various adjustable filters may be applied in real-time including a power spectrum display. Although primarily aimed at EMG measurement and medical instrumentation, it also provides general purpose data logging and analysis facilities.

  • Complete hardware and firmware development for the Biometrics DataLog portable data logger. This battery powered instrument is primarily aimed at medical instrumentation and uses a graphics LCD with real-time displays.

  • Embedded hardware and firmware development of the ISCA HC2000, a portable roadside traffic monitoring data logging system. This used a graphics LCD and a touch sensitive weatherproof keyboard with IrDA data transfer.

  • Hardware and firmware expansion to battery powered 8031 based data logger used for exercise monitoring.


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