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Design consultancy for products using embedded microcontrollers or PCs.


About Us


Computek Consultancy has been involved with a number of companies over many years; some of the companies that have used our services include:

  • Argonaut Technologies

  • Biometrics Ltd

  • Deltec Precision Audio Ltd

  • Digitrol Ltd

  • Huntleigh Diagnostics

  • Huntleigh Healthcare

  • Huntleigh Weighing Systems Ltd

  • ISCA Developments

  • Jones Chromatography Ltd

  • Minilex Ltd

  • M & T Microsystems

  • Overview Ltd

  • Penny and Giles Ltd.

  • Percell Group Ltd

  • Perkam Ltd

  • Transmitton Ltd

Obviously, this company profile means that there are many products that have been completely or significantly developed by us. The following list illustrates some of these products.

Medical Products

Embedded computer and PC based products for measurement, analysis and rehabilitation therapy.

Data Loggers

Data logging systems...

Microcontroller based weighing instruments

Software and hardware for portable medical and industrial weighing instrumentation.

Consumer Products

Products in the fields of music and communications.

Industrial Process Control

Flash Chromatography and Graphical Languages for Industrial Control.

Other Industrial Products

Teaching Materials, Distributed surveillance system...


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