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Design consultancy for products using embedded microcontrollers or PCs.

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About Us


  • We have an excellent working relationship with many

  • high-tech companies requiring specialised expertise and 

  • (very) small companies with a good idea requiring a complete technical service.

  • Many of our products have a close integration between the embedded computers and software running on a PC for optimum performance at the lowest cost.

  • We also have experience in the production and delivery of technical materials for education and training. This extends from on-line tutorials to industrial short course delivery.

  • Our project management process aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Initial discussion to determine product feasibility and overall project aims.

  • An agreed product specification document.

  • A quote that itemises the work to be done, the time scales and the deliverables.

  • The major part of the work is carried out at our premises using our equipment.

  • Stage deliveries to verify that the final product exactly matches the requirements of the customer (for example, user interface prototypes and partial products).

  • Final deliveries that include full documentation suitable for production and future product maintenance.

  • Priority development for exiting customers requiring product enhancements.


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