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     ELINK for Windows

Medical Products:

  • Complete software development of a PC Windows based program (Dopplex Reporter) to collect, print and archive blood flow waveforms from a pocket Doppler. Includes data analysis and data collection from a number of blood flow measurement instruments in 6 European languages.

  • Complete microcontroller hardware, EMC and software design for MULE product used in rehabilitation therapy for upper-limb exercising.

  •  Development of a complete multilingual Windows application (ELINK) to interface with exerciser hardware for measurement and rehabilitation therapy; includes a patient database, data analysis and a number of DirectX based action games.

  • Development of a miniature EMG probe for muscle activity measurement with general data loggers or the DataLog and DataLINK products described elsewhere.

  • Development of a range of accelerometers and inclinometers. Microcontroller based inclinometers used for range of motion assessment in rehabilitation therapy.

  • Software development of a Windows based application (Assist Reporter) to interface to Dopplex Assist by Huntleigh Diagnostics and provide database and waveform display/analysis facilities.

  • Investigation into a Fast Fourier Transform suitable for audio spectral analysis. Implementation of a 3-D spectrograph under Windows.

  • Development of analogue isolation circuits for medical products

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